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Jozef Stefan Institute

Ljubljana, Slovenia

 This page contains links to lists of reseach articles written by members of our department. Html and in part text pages are available. For .doc files please check that Central European fonts are installed!

Publications 1995-1996: .html .txt (csz) .doc (Word6)
Publications 1997-1998: .html .txt (csz) .doc (Word 6)
Cumulative list 1995-1998: .html .txt (csz) .doc (Word 6)
Publications 1999-2000: .html
Publications 2001-2002: .html
Publications 2003-2004: .html
Publications in 2005 and 2006:

Last updated: January 5, 2006
This page will remain as is. For new entries check web pages of the three new departments.