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List of publications in 2001

in alphabetical order of the first authors (underlined are members of our department):

Alekos Athanasiadis, Gregor Anderluh, Peter Ma"cek, Du"san Turk (2001) Crystal structure of the soluble form of equinatoxin II, a pore-forming   toxin from the sea anemone Actinia equina . Structure 9, 341-346 (S-694)

Jan-Dirk Baumhäkel, Klaus Kayser, Endre Kalaman, Janko Kos , Tamara Lah, Eberhard Spiess, Werner Ebert, Walter Fiehn, Bernd Werle (2001) Histological and thermodynamical features of cathepsin B-positive tumors of non-small cell lung cancer obtained by syntactic structure analysis. Elec. J. Pathol. Histol. 7.1, 011-06 (S-699)

Mojca Bo"zi"c, Milan Skitek, Anka Ritonja, Ale"s Jerin, Mojca Stegnar  (2001) Determination of total plasma homocysteine (Dolo"canje celokupnega plazemskega homocisteina). Farm. Vestn. 52, 19-24 (S-695)

Juan Jose Cazzulo, Veronika Stoka, Vito Turk (2001) The major cysteine proteinase od Trypanosoma cruzi: A valid target for chemotherapy of Chagas disease. Curr. Pharmac. Design 7, 1143-1156 (S-708)

Nina Cimerman, Pika Me"sko Brguljan, Marta Kra"sovec, Stanislav "Su"skovi"c, Janko Kos (2001) Serum concentration and circadian profiles of cathepsins B, H and L, and their inhibitors, stefins A and B, in asthma. Clinica Chim. Acta 310, 113-122 (S-713)

Soren W. Dahl, Torben Halkier, Conni Lauritzen, Iztok Dolenc, John Pedersen, Vito Turk, Boris Turk (2001) Human recombinant pro-dipeptidyl peptidase I (cathepsin C) can be activated by cathepsins L and S but not by autocatalytic processing. Biochemistry 2001, 40, 1671-1678 (S-679)

Andrej Francky, Bojana Mozeti"c Francky, Borut "Strukelj, Kristina Gruden, Anka Ritonja, Igor Kri"zaj, Igor Kregar, Roger H. Pain, Jo"ze Punger"car (2001) A basic residue at position 36p of the propeptide is not essential for the correct folding and subsequent autocatalytic activation of prochymosin. Eur. J. Biochem. 268, 2362-2368 (S-697)

Yoko Hashimoto, Hisao Kakegawa, Yasushi Narita, Yudo Hachiya, Taro Hayakawa, Janko Kos, Vito Turk, Nobuhiko Katunuma (2001) Significance of cathepsin B accumulation in synovial fluid of rheumatoid arthritis. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 283, 334-339 (S-698)

Manca Kenig, Roman Jerala, Louise Kroon-"Zitko, Vito Turk, Eva "Zerovnik (2001) Major differences in stability and dimerization properties of two chimeric mutants of human stefins. Proteins 42, 512-522 (S-691)

Nata"sa Kopitar-Jerala, Tadeja Bevec, Darja Barli"c-Magajna, Franc Guben"sek, Vito Turk (2001) Anti-cathepsin L monoclonal antibodies that distinguish cathepsin L from cathepsin V. Biol. Chem. 382, 867-870 (S-702)

Nata"sa Kopitar-Jerala, Vida Puizdar, Selma Berbi´c, Tina Zava"snik-Bergant, Vito Turk (2001) A cathepsin D specific monoclonal antibody. Immunol. Letters 77, 125-126 (S-703)

J. Kos, A. Sekirnik, G. Kopitar, N. Cimerman, K. Kayser, A. Stremmer, W. Fiehn, B. Werle (2001) Cathepsin S in tumours, regional lymph nodes and sera of patients with lung cancer: relation to prognosis. Brit. J. Cancer 85, 1193-1200 (S-720)

Anabelle Lejeune, Marc Vanhove, Josette Lamotte-Brasseur, Roger H. Pain , Jean-Marie Frere, Andre Matagne (2001) Quantitative analysis of the stabilization by substrate of Staphylococcus aureus PC1 beta-lactamase. Chemistry & Biology 8, 831-842 (S-715)

Adrijana Leonardi, Franc Guben"sek, Igor Kri"zaj (2001) Purification and  characterisation of two hemorrhagic metalloproteinases from the venom of the long-nosed viper, Vipera ammodytes ammodytes. Toxicon 40, 55-62 (S-718)

Nika Lov"sin, Franc Guben"sek, Du"san Kordi"s (2001) Evolutionary dynamics in a novel L2 clade of non-LTR retrotransposons in Deuterostomia. Mol. Biol. Evol. 18, 2113-2224 (S-717)

Irena Mlinari"c-Ra"s"can (2001) Genetic and cellular mechanisms of hematopoietic dysregulation in murine motheaten phenotypes. Acta Biol. Slov. 43, 41-46 (S-709)

Irena Mlinaric-Rascan, Tadashi Yamamoto (2001) B cell receptor signaling involves physical and functional association of FAK with Lyn and IgM. FEBS Lett. 498, 26-31 (S-710)

Irena Rogelj, Bogdan Perrko, Andrej Francky, Vanja Penca, Jo"ze Punger"car (2001)  Recombinant lamb chymosin as an alternative coagulation enzyme in cheese production. J. Dairy Sci. 84, 1020-1026 (S-704)

Ale"s Premzl, Vida Puizdar, Valentina Zava"snik-Bergant, Nata"sa Kopitar-Jerala , Tamara T. Lah,  Nobuhiko Katunuma, Bonnie F. Sloane, Vito Turk, Janko Kos (2001) Invasion of ras-transformend breast epithelial cells depends on the proteolytic activity of cysteine and aspartate proteinases. Biol. Chem. 382, 853-857 (S-706)

Veronika Stoka, Boris Turk, Sharon L. Schendel, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Tina Cirman, Scott J. Snipas, Lisa M. Ellerby, Dale Bredesen, Hudson Freeze, Magnus Abrahamson, Dieter Bromme, Stanislaw Krajewski, John C. Reed, Xiao-Ming Yin, Vito Turk, Guy S. Salvesen (2001) Lysosomal pathways to apoptosis. Cleavage of Bid, not pro-caspases, is the most likely route. J. Biol. Chem. 276, 3149-3157 (S-680)

Tadej Strojnik, Boris "Zidanik, Janko Kos, Tamara T. Lah (2001)  Cathepsins B and L are markers for clinically invasice types of meningiomas.  Neurosurgery 48, 598-605 (S-693)

Jernej "Sribar, Alenka "Copi"c, Alenka Pari"s, Nicholas E. Sherman, Franc Guben"sek, Jay W. Fox, Igor Kri"zaj (2001) A high affinity acceptor for phospholipase A2 with neurotoxic activity is a calmodulin. J. Biol. Chem. 276, 12493-12496 (S-696)  

Tadej Strojnik, Boris "Zidanik, Janko Kos, Tamara T. Lah (2001) Cathepsin B and L are markers for clinically invasive types of meningiomas. Neurosurgery 48, 598-605 (S-701)

Du"san Turk, Vojko Janji'c, Igor "Stern, Marjetka Podobnik , Doriano Lamba, Soren Weis Dahl, Connie Lauritzen, John Pedersen, Vito Turk, Boris Turk (2001) Structure of human dipeptidyl peptidase I (cathepsin C): exclusion domain added to an endopeptidase framework creates the machine for activation of granular serine proteases. EMBO J. 20, 6570-6582 (S-716)

Vito Turk, Janko Kos, Gregor Guncar, Boris Turk (2001) Lysosomal cysteine proteases and their protein inhibitors. In: Lajhta & Banik (eds.), Role of proteases in the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, pp. 227-240 (S-711)

Vito Turk, Boris Turk, Du"san Turk (2001) Lysosomal cysteine proteases: facts and opportunities. EMBO J. 20, 4629-4633 (S-712)

Nina Vardjan, Nicholas E. Sherman, Jo"ze Punger"car , Jay W. Fox, Franc Guben"sek, Igor Kri"zaj (2001) High-molecular-mass receptors for ammodytoxin in pig are tissue-specific isoforms of M-type phospholipase A2 receptor.  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 289, 143-149 (S-719)

Mateja Vilar, Moreno Galleni, Tom Solmajer, Boris Turk , Jean-Marie Frere, Andre Matagne (2001) Kinetic study of two novel enantiomeric tricyclic beta-lactams which efficiently inactivate class C beta-lactamases. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother.  45, 2215-2223 (S-705)

Valentina Zava"snik-Bergant, Andreja Sekirnik, Rastko Golouh, Vito Turk, Janko Kos (2001) Immunochemical localisation of cathepsin S, cathepsin L and MHC class II-associated p41 isoform of invariant chain in human lymph node tissue. Biol. Chem. 382, 799-804 (S-707)

Irena Zore, Marta Kra"sovec, Nina Cimerman, Robert Kuhelj , Bernd Werle, Hans Jorgen Nielsen, Nils Brünner, Janko Kos (2001) Cathepsin B/cystatin C complex levels in sera from patients with lung and colorectal cancer. Biol. Chem. 382, 805-810 (S-700)

Vera "Zupunski, Franc Guben"sek, Du"san Kordi"s (2001) Evolutionary dynamics and evolutionary history in the RTE clade of non-LTR retrotransposons. Mol. Biol. Evol. 18, 1849-1863 (S-714)

List of publications in 2002

in alphabetical order of the first authors (underlined are members of our department):

Sabina Berne, Igor Kri"zaj, Frranc Pohleven, Tom Turk, Peter Ma"cek, Kristina Sep"ci'c (2002) Pleurotus and Agrocybe hemolysins, new proteins hypotetically involved in fungal fruiting. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1570, 153-159 (S-729) 

Nina Cimerman, Pika Me"sko-Brguljan, Marta Kra"sovec, Stanislav "Su"skovi"c, Janko Kos (2002) Circadian rhythms of cysteine proteinases and cystatins, potential tumour markers, in normal sera. Radiol. Oncol. 36, 180-182 (S-731)

Xiaohui Fan, Nata"sa Kopitar-Jerala, Ale"s Premzl, Marco Bestagno, Oscar Burrone, Janko Kos (2002) Molecular cloning and chimerisation of an inhibitory anti-cathepsin B antibody and its expression in chinese hamster ovary cells. Biol. Chem. 383, 1817-1820 (S-742)

Mirjana Gruji´c, Metka Renko (2002) Aminopeptidase inhibitors bestatin and actinonin inhibit cell proliferation of myeloma cells predominantly by intracellular interactions. Cancer Lett. 182, 113-119 (S-740)

Kristina Gruden (2002) DNA microarrays technology and its application in pharmacy. Farm. Vestn. 53, 11-15 (S-724b)

Gabriela Ivanovski, Franc Guben"sek, Jo"ze Punger"car (2002) mRNA secondary structure can greatly affect production of recombinant phospholipase A2 toxins in bacteria. Toxicon 40, 543-549 (S-725)

Marjetka Kidri"c, Heiz Fabian, Jo"ze Brzin, Tatjana Popovi"c, Roger H. Pain (2002) Folding, stability and secondary structure of a new dimeric cysteine proteinase inhibitor. Biochem. Biophys. Res. COmm. 297, 962-967 (S-745)

Janko Kos, Boris Turk, Vito Turk (2002) Stefins. In: Wiley Encyclopedia of Molecular Medicine, J. Wiley&Sons, p. 3002-3003 (S-723)

Janko Kos, Ana Schweiger (2002) Cathepsins and cystatins in extracellular fluids - useful biological markers in cancer. Radiol. Oncol. 36, 176-179 (S-733)

Nata"sa Levi"car, Janko Kos, Andrej Blejec, Rastko Golouh, Ivan Vrhovec, Snje"zana Frkovi"c-Grazio, Tamara T. Lah (2002) Comparison of potential biological markers cathepsin B, cathepsin L, stefin A and stefin B with urokinase and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and clinicopathological data of breast carcinoma patients. Cancer Detect. Prevent. 26, 42-49 (S-726)

Nata"sa Levi"car, Tadej Strojnik, Janko Kos, Ricardo A. Dewey, Geoffrey J. Pilkington, Tamara T. Lah (2002) Lysosomal enzymes, cathepsins in brain tumour invasion. J. Neuro-Oncol. 58, 21-32 (S-730)

Yoichi Matsunaga, Eva "Zerovnik, Tatsuo Yamada, Vito Turk (2002) Conformational changes preceding amyloid-fibril formation of amyloid-beta and stefin B: parallels in pH dependence. Curr. Medicinal Chem. 9, 1717-1724 (S-744)

Toni Petan, Igor Kri"zaj, Franc Guben"sek, Jo"ze Punger"car (2002) Phenilalanine-24 in the N-terminal region of ammodytoxins is important for both enzymic activity and presynaptic toxicity. Biochem. J. 363, 353-358 (S-727)

Andreja Plaper, "Spela Jenko-Brinovec, Ale"s Premzl, Janko Kos, Peter Raspor (2002) Genotoxicity of trivalent chromium in bacterial cells. Possible effects on DNA topology. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 15, 943-949 (S-741)

Tatjana Popovi"c, Vida Puizdar, Jo"ze Brzin (2002) A novel subtilase from common bean leaves. FEBS Lett. 530, 163-168 (S-746)

Ale"s Premzl, Janko Kos (2002) The effect of E-64 and monoclonal antibodies on proliferative and invasive activity of ras transformed human breast epithelial cell lilne MCF10A neoT tested in in vitro assays. Radiol. Oncol. 36, 172-173 (S-732)

Petra Prijatelj, Igor Kri"zaj, Bogdan Kralj, Franc Guben"sek, Jo"ze Punger"car (2002) The C-terminal region of ammodytoxins is important but not sufficient for neurotoxicity. Eur. J. Biochem. 269, 5759-5764 (S-749)

Galina Punger"ci"c, Iztok Dolenc, Marko Dolinar, Tadeja Bevec, Sa"sa Jenko, Sa"sa Kolari"c, Vito Turk (2002) Individual recombinant thyroglobulin type-1 domains are substrates for lysosomal cysteine proteinases. Biol. Chem. 383, 1809-1812 (S-747)

Primo"z Strojan, Marjan Budihna, Lojze "Smid, Branka Svetic, Ivan Vrhovec, Janko Kos, Janez "Skrk (2002) Cysteine proteinase inhibitors stefin A and stefin B in operable carcinoma of the head and neck. Radiol. Oncol. 36, 145-151 (S-734)

Boris Turk, Du"san Turk, Guy S. Salvesen (2002) Regulating cysteine protease activity: Essential role of protease inhibitors as guardians and regulators. Curr. Pharm. Des. 8, 1623-1637 (S-737)

Boris Turk, Veronica Stoka, Jerica Rozman-Punger"car, Tina Cirman, Gabriela Droga-Mazovec, Kristina Ore"si'c, Vito Turk (2002) Apoptotic pathways: Involvement of lysosomal proteases. Biol. Chem. 383, 1035-1044 (S-743)

Du"san Turk, Boris Turk, Janko Kos, Vito Turk (2002) Thiol Proteinases. In: Wiley Encyclopedia of Molecular Medicine, J. Wiley&Sons, p. 3122-3125 (S-724a)

Vito Turk, Janko Kos, Boris Turk (2002) Cathepsins (Human). In: Wiley Encyclopedia of Molecular Medicine, J. Wiley&Sons, p. 501-505 (S-722)

Vito Turk, Boris Turk, Gregor Gun"car, Du"san Turk, Janko Kos (2002) Lysosomal cathepsins: structure, role in antigen processing and presentation, an cancer. Advan. Enzyme Regul. 42, 285-303 (S-736)

Valentina Zava"snik Bergant, Nata"sa Kopitar-Jerala, Tadeja Bevec, Janko Kos (2002) Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against MHC class II-associated p41 invariant chain fragment. Radiol. Oncol. 36, 185-188 (S-735)

Eva "Zerovnik, Maru"sa Pompe-Novak, Miha "Skarabot, Maja Ravnikar, Igor Mu"sevi"c, Vito Turk (2002) Human stefin B readily forms amyloid fibrils in vitro. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1594, 1-5 (S-721)

Eva "Zerovnik, Valentina Zava"snik-Bergant, Nata"sa Kopitar-Jerala , Maru"sa Pompe-Novak, Miha "Skarabot, Kenneth Goldie, Maja Ravnikar, Igor Mu"sevi"c, Vito Turk (2002) Amyloid fibril formation by human stefin B in vitro: Immunogold labelling and comparison to stefin A. Biol. Chem. 383, 859-863 (S-728)

Eva "Zerovnik (2002) Amyloid-fibril formation. Proposed mechanisms and relevance to conformational disease. Eur. J. Biochem. 269, 3362-3371 (S-738)

E. "Zerovnik, V. Turk, J. P. Waltho (2002) Amyloid fibril formation by human stefin B: influence of the initial pH-induced intermediate state. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 30, 543-7 (S-739)

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