This is a link from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a list of useful sites containing laboratory manuals, protocols and background information to some often-used methods. It used to be a longer list, but with years many sites moved, changed Web-addresses or were outdated and abandoned, so this seems to be a very incomplete page and is maintained only for some eventual occasional user of the list.

Shortcuts to Mol. Biol. protocols: Protocols (ordered by topic), Search, Discussion

General laboratory methods from the University of Maryland 

Molecular biology protocols on WWW collection 

The Laboratory Protocol List by Gerard R. Lazo
Comprehensive Protocol Collection at the Dartmouth College 
Frontiers in Bioscience Protocols
PCR Jump Station: All about PCR 
Crystal Growing Guide by Paul Boyle, NCSU

Yeast Genetics Protocols from the Herskowitz Lab 

Maybe we could start our own collection of laboratory protocols. Here's an example. And it's in Slovenian.

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