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The purpose of this Society is to advance knowledge on the properties of toxins and antitoxins and to bring together scholars interested in these substances through a common Society. Membership consists of those who have conducted and published meritorious original investigations in toxinology, while persons who do not qualify for membership but are interested in the field of toxinology are eligible for associate membership.

President: Prof. Dr. Hervé Rochat, Faculté de Médicine, Sécteur Nord, Biochimie, Boulevard Pierre Dramard, F-13326 Marseille Cedex 15, France.  Tel.: +33 . Fax: +33 . E-mail: ___

Secretary: Prof. Dr. Dietrich Mebs, Zentrum der Rechtsmedizin, University of Frankfurt, Kennedyallee 104, D-60596 Frankfurt, FRG. Tel.: (49) 069-63 01 75 63. Fax: (49) 069-63 01 58 82. E-mail:

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Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis: First Joint Symposium and AOAC Task Force Meeting

April 11-14, 2005 / Abstracts are due January 31
Baiona, Spain
Contact: Dr. James Hungerford:

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Officers of the International Society on Toxinology
Findlay E.Russell 1962-1966
Sherman A.Minton 1966-1968
André de Vries 1968-1970
Hugh Alistair Reid 1970-1972
Heribert Michl 1972-1974
Y.Sawai 1974-1976
C.R.Diniz 1976-1979
Borje Uvnäs 1979-1982
Gerhard Habermehl 1982-1985
Chen-Yuan Lee 1985-1988
Philip Rosenberg 1988-1991
Gerhard Habermehl 1991-1994
Charlotte L.Ownby 1994-1997
Franc Gubensek 1997-2000
Hervé Rochat 2000-

Paul R.Saunders 1962-1966
Joseph F.Gennaro 1966-1968
Erich Kaiser 1968-1975
Akira Ohsaka 1975-1982
Dietrich Mebs 1982-

Redi Award Recipients
Findlay E.Russell 1967
Paul Boquet 1970
Andre de Vries 1974
Chen-Yuan Lee 1976
Hugh Alistair Reid 1979
Nobuo Tamiya 1982
Philip Rosenberg 1982
Sherman A.Minton 1985
Paul A.Christensen 1988
Ernst Habermann 1991
Elazar Kochva 1994
Alan Harvey 2000
Andre Menez 2000


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4. Kunming, Yunnan, China, June 1996
Organizer: Y.Xiong

Organisations where our Society's members work: 
(sorted by country)

Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU) at the University of Melbourne,
Biomolecular Research Institute, NMR Laboratory, Parkville, Victoria
Centre for Drug Design and Development, Brisbane
Monash Venom Group, Department of Pharmacology, Monash University, Melbourne

The Center for the Study of Venoms and Venomous Animals (CEVAP), Sao Paulo

Laboratory of Neurophysiology , Medical faculty, Angers
Institute of Structural Biology and Microbiology - NMR group, Marseilles

University of Frankfurt

Dept. Biochem. & Mol. Biol., J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana,
University of Ljubljana: Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Chair of Biochemistry

University of Arizona Health Sciences Center,
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK,
Natural Toxins Research Initiative (NTRI), Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Department of Biology
Metabiologics Inc., Madison, WI

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