This page presents the four proposals for the sign of the Slovenain Biochemical Society. Please, take a careful look at all four of them and let us know about your opinion. Each visitor may only send one vote; if more will be sent, we will consider only the last one sent from your address.

Before you meet your decision, have in mind that the sign will be appearing both in colour and in black-and-white documents, on letter heads and on posters. It is expected that the sign is a clear graphical object, has some connection to the field of biochemistry and molecular biology and is different from signs of other societies.

Proposal 1:

This is a simplified representation of a ribosome attached to mRNA.

Proposal 2:

This proposal represents a structure of two long alpha-helices and a DNA chain.


Proposal 3:

Presented is a complex of a restriction endonuclease in complex with target DNA.


Proposal 4:

A graphical solution in the colours of the Slovenian flag and an arrow (could be a beta-structure element).
Letters S, b and d are hidden in the sign.





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I vote for the (see pictures above):

1: ribosome logo
2: DNA and helices logo
3: restrictase logo
4: ribbon logo

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