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Travel Awards for Young Biochemists
SBD Board has awarded four applicants a travel award (40.000 SIT each): Klementina Fon Tacer, Mateja Mancek, Uros Petrovic and Tadeja Rezen.
Additional 4 awards are available for SBD members
( at least 6 months membership prior application deadline is required) aged 30 or below. Applications shall reach the secretary before August 30. More information in Slovenian only.

FEBS Meeting in Istanbul
This year' s meeting will be from October 20 to 25 in Turkey. Abstracts are still accepted. Check the meeting homepage for the prelilminary programme and news.

Advanced technologies for metabolic engineering in biotechnology and medicine
A FEBS advanced course will be organized from September 7 to 13, 2002 in Carcavelos, Portugal. Topics include: experimental tools, mathematical & computational approaches and applications.

Biooxidations: New Enzymes, Variants and Applications

A mini-workshop will be held on June 14 afternoon (13:15-18:00) at the TU Graz, Austria. Contact Dr. Glieder if you are interested to participate. 

FEBS NewsLetter
To keep its members informed, FEBS created a new electronic FEBS NewsLetter. The first issue was just released. Register if you want to receive this bimonthly e-journal regularly, please register via the FEBS Web-site

Orphan and nuclear receptors conference will be organized in San Diego from June 27-28. It is devoted to strategies for new therapeutic interventions and will include a half-day workshop Ligand identification and screening technologies.

Articles from Slovenian laboratories
Check this
link to browse articles from Slovenian laboratories, published in 2002 and cited in Medline! These are only biomedical-oriented articles; other databases would reveal additional publications from our research groups.

New Members of the Society
The Board of the Society confirmed several new members of the Society on its last meeting (May 15). Nina Vardjan , B.Sc.Microbiol., and Jernej Sribar, B.Sc.Chem., both work in the group of Igor Krizaj (J. Stefan Institute) on receptors, Irina Milisav, Ph.D., from the Institute  for Pathological Physiology, Medical Faculty, works on biomembranes, Darja Herman , B.Sc.Microbiol., is at the Institute of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, working on genome analyses, Katja Kristan, B.Sc.Pharm., also from the Institute of Biochemistry, works on enzymes and steroids, Matjaz Oven, Ph.D.,  is at the Biochemistry Dept., University of London, working on plant molecular biology, Marko Golicnik , B.Sc.Chem., from the Institute of Biochemistry, works on enzyme kinetics and macromolecular modelling, and Ales Premzl, M.Sc., works on proteolysis in disease at the J. Stefan Institute. 

Meeting of the Board
The Board met on March 6. We decided to introduce travel awards for junior members of the Society; for the 2002 there will be up to 8 awards available (approx. 200 EUR each). Awards should be used for covering in-part travel costs or registration fees for international courses, schools or meetings. Rules and deadlines will be presented in a circular before April 15.

New members of the boards
As voted at the general assembly of our Society in September, new members of the boards are: Igor Krizaj, member of the Board (upravni odbor); and Veronika Abram and Janko Kos , new members of the Board of Control (nadzorni odbor).
At the last previous meeting of the Board, the president of the Society expressed his thanks to the former secretary, Vladimir Cotic, who completed his 8-years mandate. The Board then elected Marko Dolinar as new secretary and Igor Krizaj as new treasurer of the Society.

Membership fee
This year, we will be sending the fee payment forms in December for TWO YEARS (2001 and 2002) as we plan to start collecting the fee in spring for the comming year rather than in late autumn for the passing year.
Please check your address on the envelope and report any changes (affiliation, title) to the
secretary of the Society.

SBD Mailing list
contains 58 E-addresses of members at the moment. You can send and receive messages, invitations or requests. Send notices of general importance to sbd@ijs.si - after approval, the notice will be distributed to everyone on the list. Hitting on the Reply button of your mail reader would send a reply to the mailing list members. For individual replies, copy the sender's address into the To: line. Feel free to contact the webmaster for any questions!

Information for members

We prepared a list of E-mail addresses of our members and invite all our members to submit the E-mail addresses . The list is available from the Members List page. Please specify if you do not want to make the address generally available - we would need it just for sending invitations to SBD activities.

Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships are available to young biochemists who need to travel to foreign laboratories for purpose of carrying out experiments (and not for attending courses or meetings). Travels should last 1-4 months and the fellowship would cover travel costs and incidental expenses to a total of US$ 2000. Applications should be received for review by 15 October and 15 April each year. Information on documentation required and on contact addresses are available from the homepage at IUBMB.

The Board of the SBD on its last session supported the initiative for open access to scientific papers and encouraged our members to sign it. The open letter was already signed by over 20.000 people from 159 countries worlwide. More about the initiative at the
Public Library of Science page.


    Members of the boards

In September 2001 the following members were elected into the boards and commissions of the Society:

BOARD ( Upravni odbor)

President of the Board:


Board of Control (Nadzorni odbor)

  • Prof. Dr. Veronika Abram, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
  • Doc. Dr. Janko Kos, KRKA Pharmaceutical Company, Novo mesto
  • Prof. Dr. Vito Turk, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, J. Stefan Institute

Honorary Court of Arbitration (Castno razsodisce )

  • Prof. Dr. Franc Gubensek, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Dr. Radovan Komel, Institute of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
  • Doc. Dr. Marinka Drobnic Kosorok, Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana

Disciplinary Commission (Disciplinska komisija )

  • Doc. Dr. Matic Legisa, National Institute of Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Macek, Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Dr. Metka Renko, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana  

Invitations to international meetings:

Yeast Genetics Course
A FEBS advanced course "
Basic Methods in Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology " will be held in Strasbourg from July 8 to 19, 2002. They will accept 20 students only; the fee is 716 EUR.

Visualizing Cytoskeleton Dynamics
This FEBS practical course will be organized in Salzburg, Austria, from July 8 to 18, 2002. Only 16 students will be accepted. Youth travel fund can help covering costs; the fee is 837.5 EUR, including accommodation. Contact the secretary for more information.

Biomathematics Euro Summer School Dynamical Systems in Physiology and Medicine will take place in Urbino (Italy) from July 8 to 19, 2002. There will be 5 different courses employing mathematical models on biological topics.

Chemistry Towards Biology - 1st Central European Conference will be organized in Portoroz from September 8 to 13, 2002. More information available on the conference homepage

Anatomy and Embryology of the Mouse
The EMBO practical course will be held in Zagreb University School of Medicine (Croatia) from September 15 to 22. Contact:

High Information Content Screening
8th Annual Conference of the Society for Biomolecular Screening will be organized from September 22 to 26, 2002 in The Hague (Netherlands).

Slovenian Chemical Days
will take place in Maribor on September 26 and 27. Abstract submission deadline was March 29.

13th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Human Genetics
will take place in Lepzig from September 29 to October 2, 2002.

Simulated Evolution and Neural Information Processing Conferences
Three related conferences will be held in Singapore from November 18-22, 2002. More from the organizer's
homepage .

In Brussels, the Special FEBS meeting on signal transduction willbe organized from July 4-8, 2003. For more information contact Dr. J. E. Dumont at: cleclerc@ulb.ac.be .
XIX International Congress of Biochemistry and Mol. Biology
19th IUBMB congress will take place in Toronto, Canada, from July 20 to 24, 2003.


The proposal for SBD logo  voted as second best at the 4th meeting of the Society in September 2001.

  Previous meetings of the Board

The new Board of the SBD met for the first time on May 6, 1998. Existence and improvements on this Internet page were encouraged. Also, the Board has started the activities for the preparation of the 3rd Meeting of the Society which should be organized in 1999. The Society will continue to organize lectures from different fields of biochemistry; more emphasis will be given to research conducted in various Slovenian laboratories. 

The 2nd meeting of the new Board was on May 28, 1998. The main topic was the organization of the 3rd Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society. Tom Turk from the Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, will chair the Organizing Committee and Tamara Lah from the National Institute of Biology will be president of the Scientific Committee. The meeting will be held in the last days of September 1999, most likely in Portoroz. 

The 3rd meeting of the Board was on June 23, 1998. For the 3rd congress of the Society, members of the organizing committee and members of the scientific board from Slovenia were confirmed. Now both committees were confirmed, they should start with the preparations of the congress as soon as possible. 

The agenda of December 17th, 1998 meeting of the Board included the participation of SBD on the conferences Life Sciences 1999 and 2000. We decided to actively participate in the organization of the meeting in the year 2000 but only if the conference would include all the societies from the field of life sciences. Further, we discussed the activities for the organization of the 3rd meeting of the Society. Two candidates for lectures at the FEBS - IUBMB joint congress in Birmingham (in year 2000) were selected. 

On April 21, 1999 we discussed the progress in the organisation of the 3rd meeting of the Society and the eventual participation of the Society in the Life Sciences conference 2000. The activities for 3rd meeting are in progress as planned. SBD will not co-organise the Life Sciences conference but welcomes inclusion of a special session, entitled "3-dimensional structure of proteins". We have selected Vito Turk to represent Slovenia as delegate at the meeting of the FEBS Board in Nice. The terminology comission is about to start its work, if possible before the 3rd meeting at Portoroz. After the meeting we intend to start a series of lectures (3-4 each year) to present the work of Slovenian biochemists and molecular biologists.

The main topic of the October 21, 1999 meeting was the analysis of the 3rd Meeting of the Society. It was concluded that this last meeting was a good one. In the questionnaire, the average note was 3.66 (on the 1-5 scale with 5 being the highest note). Some improvements were suggested for future conferences. In November, we plan to organise a special meeting on the concept of our past and future congresses.
A closer cooperation with the Education Group of the Biochemical Society (UK) was encouraged and an ad-hoc committee was selected to coordinate activities .

Convention on future congresses of the Society was held on February 14, 2000. The majority agreed that future meetings shall be shortened to approx. 2.5 days and that the number of speakers shall be decreased without substantially reducing the proportion of speakers from abroad. Junior members shall get more opportunity to present their research. There was no agreement on the site of future meetings nor on the organizers of the 2001 meeting.

May 30, 2000: Organizers of the 4th Meeting of our Society will have to be determined within the next month; discussions are in progress. Cooperation with the Educational Group will be formalized and the educational committee of SBS expanded. Financial situation was discussed and our representative for the general assembly of IUBMB and FEBS was selected.

October 4, 2000. The National Institute of Chemistry was requested to organize the 4th Meeting of the Society. President of the organizing committee will be Roman Jerala and president of the scientific committee will be Radovan Komel. Preliminary date of the meeting was mid-September 2001; the venue was still under discussion.

April 26, 2001. We discussed the scientific and financial issues of the 4th meeting of the Society. Since a general assembly of the Society is also planned, we were preparing the topics for its agenda. We shall decide about the sign of the Society at the 4th meeting as well. The Board supported the initiative for open access to scientific papers and encouraged our members to sign it.

December 13, 2001. The president expressed his thanks to the former secretary, Vladimir Cotic. The new member of the Board is Igor Krizaj who will take over the duties of the treasurer, while the new secretary is now Marko Dolinar. Several activities were scheduled in accordance to the minutes of the general assembly held in September.

4th meeting

Sign of the 4th Meeting at Kranjska Gora (September 13-15, 2001)

  Previous lectures

The last previous lecture organized by the Society was held on September 7 at 11a.m. at J. Stefan Institute: Ljuba Stojiljkovic (Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Illinois at Chicago) Are nuclear myosin I and beta-actin transcription factors?

June 26 at 1 p.m. at J. Stefan Institute: Andrej Sali (Rockefeller University, New York, USA): Comparative protein structure modelling of genes and genomes.

May 30 at 13:00 at J. Stefan Institute: William J. Lenartz (Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Stony Brook, New York, USA): Studies on biosynthesis and degradation of glycoproteins .

April 3 at 12:30 at J. Stefan Institute: Masa Cemazar (ICGEB, Trieste, Italy): Oxidative folding of Amaranthus alpha-amylase.

March 9 at 12:00 at J. Stefan Institute: Saverio Alberti (Laboratory of Experimental Oncology, Dept. Cell Biology and Oncology, Sta. Maria Imbaro, Chieti, Italy): Structure and function of the Trop cell surface glycoprotiens.

March 7 at 13:00 in the J. Stefan Institute: Eiji Matsuura (Department of Cell Chemistry, Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Okayama University Medical School, Japan): Beta2-glycoprotein I and autoimmune-mediated artherothrombosis.

February 21 at 11:00in the J. Stefan Institute: Kristina Djinovic Carugo(Structural Biology Laboratory, Sincrotrone, Trieste, Italy): Structural studies on cytoskeletal proteins.

November 24 at 13:15 at the Medical Faculty: Rita Bernhardt (Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany): Adrenal cytochrome P450 systems: Structure, function, and physiological importance.

September 13 at 11:00 at the Biology Department:  Jeremy H. Lakey (Department of Biochemistry and Genetics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK): Protein-protein interactions during Colicin N translocation. 
June 14 at 12:00 in the J. Stefan Institute lecture theatre: Lawrence Banks(ICGEB, Trieste, Italy): The interactions of Human Papilloma virus E6 with tumour suppressor proteins.  

Tuesday, June 6 at 14:00 in the J. Stefan Institute: Michael Becker (Biology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, USA): Modern and future protein crystallography at bright and extremely bright X-ray sources: FedEx, and FELs

March 16 at 11h in the J. Stefan Institute: Prof. Dr. Nils Brunner (Finsen Laboratory, University Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark): Plasminogen activator type 1: Therapeutic and diagnostic implications in cancer.

March 3 at 13:15 in the Medical faculty:  Denis Pompon (Centre de génétique moléculaire, CNRS, Gyf-sur-Yvette, France): Yeast biotechnology: from human xenobiotic metabolim prediction to self-sufficient biosynthesis of drugs.

December 7 at 12:00 at the Institute of biophysics (Medical Faculty): Prof. Dr. Michael R. Waterman (Dept. Biochem., Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA): Importance of proline-rich region for correct folding of all forms of cytochrome P450.

September 20 at 13:00 in the J. Stefan Institute: Stephen J. Mather (St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK): Recent development in radiopharmaceutical research. 

June 15, 1999 at 15:00 in the J. Stefan Institute: Wolfram Bode (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany): The matrix metalloproteinases: mechanism of inhibition by synthetic and protein inhibitors

June 14, 1999 at 10:00 in J. Stefan Institute: Magnus Abrahamson (Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Lund, Sweden): Cystatins C, E and F - functions in vitro and in vivo. 

May 24, 1999 at the Institute of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty: Alan Anderson (Centre de recherche en cancerologie, Departement de Biologie, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada): Localization and characterization of a phenobarbital response unit (PBRU) conferring phenobarbital responsiveness on the rat gene for cytochrome P4502B2.

April 21, 1999 at 14:00 in the J. Stefan Institute: Jerrold Weiss (New York University Medical Center, New York, USA): Innate antibacterial host defence - group II phospholipases A2. 

March 12, 1999 at 12:00 in the National Institute of Chemistry: Horst Kessler (Institut für Organische Chemie und Biochemie, TU München, Germany): I nhibition of protein-protein interactions at cell surfaces - A new cancer therapy. 

December 11, 1998 at 16:00 in J. Stefan Institute: Carlos Gancedo (Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas, Madrid, Spain): The trehalose biosynthetic pathway is critical for the normal life of yeasts.

November 17, 1998 at 1:00 p.m. at the Medical Faculty, Institute of Biochemistry. Michael R. Waterman (Department of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, Vanderbilt University, TN, USA): Mycobacterium tuberculosis contains a novel sterol 14alpha-demethylase: Biochemical and phylogenetic implication. 

October 13, 1998 at 10:30 in J. Stefan Institute: Gottfried Schatz (Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland): The life and death of mitochondrial proteins . The lecture was a part of 26th FEBS Ferdinand Springer Lecture Tour.



Slovenian Biochemical Society is a member of FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) since 1992. Secretary general of FEBS in the 1990-1998 term was Prof. Dr. Vito Turk from our national society.

FEBS or its member societies organize a range of Advanced Courses , Meetings and other conferences .  
Next meetings will take place in: Turkey (2002; organized by the Israel Society), Poland (2004) and Turkey (2006). The next joined FEBS/IUBMB meetings will be in Toronto (2003) and Budapest (2005).


Slovenian Biochemical Society is a member of IUBMB (International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) since 1992. Prof. Dr. Vito Turk from our society is the actual member of the IUBMB Executive Committee and Chairman of the IUBMB Committee on Symposia and Interest Groups.

Information on these and other meetings is available from the IUBMB Conferences page. 


Slovenia is a member state of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization). It contributes its part in EMBC (EMB Conference), but is not involved in the activities of EMBL (EMB Laboratory). (To find out more about EMBO and EMBC, read this page .)
Slovenian researchers can thus profit from many activities of EMBO, like workshops , courses and fellowships .

Logo of the 3rd Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society, held in September 1999 at Portoroz on the Adriatic coast.
  Useful links

the target resource for job seekers and employees in Life Sceinces: http://www.biologyjobs.com/

BioExchange, the global bio-pharmaceutical network
Daily news, events, tools, jobs, directories... for Life Science from one single page: http://www.BioExchange.com/

Chemists jobs site: A new site with a range of jobs for chemists and biochemists; academic and companies: http://www.chemjobs.net/

BioView: A new site for biotechnical and biopharmaceutical jobs, news, information and resources is available at: http://www.bioview.com/ .

ICGEB in the nearby Trieste, Italy, is an international centre for genetic engineering and biotechnology which also organizes several courses and promotes collaborative research programmes.

    E-mail addresses

A list of E-mail addresses is available ! Only those are included who agreed (May '99 questionnaire); if you would like to be included, too, send a note to the webmaster !



Logo SBD 1st Meeting
This is the logo of the 1st Meeting of our Society. It represents a molecule of Stefin, a protease inhibitor, in an Erlenmeyer flask.
The name Stefin was chosen for the J. Stefan Institute, where the molecule was first characterized.

Organizations where we work

University of Ljubljana :

Dept. Biochem. & Mol. Biol. , J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana;
National Institute of Chemistry , Ljubljana;
National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana;
Blood Transfusion Centre, Ljubljana;

Other biochemical societies within FEBS
  Contact Information

Postal Address:

Slovensko biokemijsko drustvo
Jozef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Prof. Dr. Matjaz Zorko

Phone:  +386 1 543 7643
Fax:  +386 1 543 7641 
Email: zorko@mf.uni-lj.si

Doc. Dr. Marko Dolinar  

Phone:  +386 1 477 3765
Fax:  +386 1 257 3594
Email:  marko.dolinar@ijs.si

Doc. Dr. Igor Krizaj  

Phone:  +386 1 477 3626
Fax:  +386 1 257 3594
Email:  igor.krizaj@ijs.si

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