IIIrd Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society

with International Participation

Portoroz, Slovenia

September 25-29, 1999



The precision of biosynthetic processes in evolution and disease / Miroslav  Radman
Macromolecular assemblies designed for controlled proteolysis  / Wolfgang Baumeister



L1 Bacterial resistance to antibiotics: the role of beta-lactamases
Jean-Marie Frere

L2 Structure-function studies of equinatoxin II, a pore-forming toxin from the sea anemone Actinia equina
Gregor Anderluh, Ariana Barliè, Petra Malovrh, Zdravko Podlesek, Gianfranco Menestrina and Peter Maèek

L3 Multiple conformational states of the pore-forming protein, equinatoxin II, In response to the environmental changes
Nataša Poklar, Peter Maèek and Gorazd Vesnaver

L4 Interaction of Cdc6 with proteins in the cell cycle of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Aleksandra Comino, Apolonija Bedina Žavec and Radovan Komel

L5 Biomolecular mass spectrometry for proteomics and noncovalent complexes
Jasna Peter-Kataliniæ

L6 A pre-steady state kinetic analysis of substrate binding to human recombinant deoxycytidine kinase: a model for nucleoside kinase action
Boris Turk, Raymond Awad, Elena V. Usova, Ingemar Björk and Stefan Eriksson

L7 The structure of the RNA binding domain of E. coli rho factor: a combined NMR and X-ray approach
Gordon S. Rule

L8 Interactions of TNF-alpha with its receptors – studied in vitro by TNF-alpha dimers and some analogues
Viktor Menart and Vladka Gaberc-Porekar

L9 The peripheral anionic site of butyrylcholinesterase: From facts to functions
Patrick Masson, Florian Nachon, Wue Hua Xie, Marie Thérese Froment, Alexandra Weingand-Ziadé, Maurice Goeldner and Oksana Lockridge

L10 Thyropins, a group of new structurally related inhibitors
Brigita Lenarèiè, Katja Galeša, Edvard Moczydlowski and Vito Turk

L11 Crystal structure of MHC class II associated p41 invariant chain inhibitory fragment in complex with cathepsin L
Gregor Gunèar, Galina Pungerèiè, Ivica Klemenèiè, Vito Turk and Dušan Turk

L12 On the folding mechanism of human stefins: alpha helical intermediate and slow rearrangements in folding of stefin B
Eva Žerovnik, Richard Virden, Roman Jerala, Vito Turk and J.P. Waltho

L13 Dimerization of human stefin A under partially denaturing conditions
Roman Jerala and Eva Žerovnik

L14 Function of the propeptide fragment in cathepsin C
Blaž Cigiæ and Roger H. Pain


P1 Kinetic studies of beta-lactamase inhibition by two novel tricyclic carbapenems
Mateja Vilar, Tom Šolmajer, Boris Turk, Jean-Marie Frere and Andre Matagne

P2 Characterisation of heavy metal binding to detoxifying peptides of animal and plant origin
Cristina Potrich and Gianfranco Menestrina

P3 Construction of equinatoxin II - monoclonal antibody immunotoxins via biotin-avidin binding and their cytotoxic effects on human tumor cells
Cristina Potrich, Gabriella Viero, Mayra Tejuca, Gregor Anderluh, Peter Maèek and Gianfranco Menestrina

P4 Toxicity of the venom from the sea anemone Actinia cari for some invertebrates and isolation of the toxins in the presence of triton X-100
Leon Senèiè and Simon Dumanèiè

P5 Heterologous expression of human lymphotoxin-alpha in Aspergillus niger
Nada Kraševec and Radovan Komel

P6 Interaction of D-tubocurarine with Drosophila acetylcholinesterase
Marko Goliènik, Didier Fournier and Jure Stojan

P7 The amino acid region 115-119 of ammodytoxins is important for their presynaptic neurotoxicity
Gabriela Ivanovski, Jože Pungerèar and Franc Gubenšek

P8 Basic character of beta-neurotoxic phospholipases A2 is not obligatory for their toxicity
Petra Prijatelj, Jože Pungerèar and Franc Gubenšek

P9 Isolation and partial characterization of a new cytolytic protein from an antarctic heteronemertine Parbolasia corrugatus
Tom Turk, Y. Rodriguez, J.M. McClintock and William R. Kem

P10 Isolation of new K+ channel inhibitors from the sea anemone Tealia crassicornis
Tom Turk and William R. Kem

P11 Microcystins – toxins or growth promoting factors?
Bojan Sedmak, Tanja Ficko and Gorazd Kosi

P12 Looking for proteins specifically interacting with Cdc6
Apolonija Bedina Žavec, Aleksandra Comino and Radovan Komel

P13 In vitro study of effects of flavonoids on DNA gyrase activity
Mojca Golob, Andreja Plaper, Stane Zalar and Roman Jerala

P14 A new fungal keratinase from Doratomyces microsporus: biotechnological production and biochemical characterisation
Helena Gradišar and Joža Friedrich

P15 Expression and purification of 15N labelled recombinant human lactoferrin peptide fragment in Escherichia coli
Andreja Majerle, Jurka Kidriè and Roman Jerala

P16 The N- and the C- terminal domains of MecA recognize different partners in the competence molecular switch
Marjan Peršuh, K. Turgay, Ines Mandiè-Mulec and D. Dubnau

P17 Mechanism of activation and inhibition of butyrylcholinesterase by tetraalkylammonium salts
François Estour, Jure Stojan, Marie-Thérese Froment and Patrick Masson

P18 Isolation, N-terminal sequence and immunological characterisation of aspartic proteinases from Phasoleus vulgaris leaves
Vida Puizdar, Nataša Kopitar-Jerala, Tina Zavašnik, Tatjana Popoviè, Marjetka Kidriè, Janko Kos and Jože Brzin

P19 The activation of cathepsin C by chloride ion involves binding to a specific location in the active site region
Blaž Cigiæ and Roger H. Pain

P20 Unexpected behaviour of recombinant human procathepsin H in refolding
Marko Dolinar, Andreja Mehle, Ana Schweiger, Bojana Mozetiè Francky and Vito Turk

P21 Autocatalytic processing of lysosomal cysteine proteinase: Lessons from procathepsin B activation
Jerica Rozman, Jure Stojan, Robert Kuhelj, Vito Turk and Boris Turk

P22 Immunolocalization of cysteine proteinase PLCP-2 in potato plants (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. 'Desirée')
Maruša Pompe, Mateja Poljšak-Prijatelj, Borut Štrukelj and Maja Ravnikar

P23 The influence of drought on proteases and their inhibitors in leaves of bean Phaseolus vulgaris
Marjetka Kidriè, Nadja Kern, Tatjana Popoviè, Vida Puizdar, Anka Ritonja and Jože Brzin

P24 Expression and characterization of individual type-1 domains of thyroglobulin
Galina Pungerèiè, Marko Dolinar, Iztok Dolenc, Tadeja Bevec and Vito Turk

P25 Preparation of equistatin and its individual domains
Katja Galeša, Saša Bavec, Borut Štrukelj, Vito Turk and Brigita Lenarèiè

P26 Cathepsin L can cleave off 11 N-terminal amino acids from human cystatin C
Tatjana Popoviè, Nina Cimerman, Iztok Dolenc, Anka Ritonja and Jože Brzin

P27 Cloning, expression, purification and characterisation of a hybrid mutant of stefin B
Manca Kenig, Roman Jerala, Eva Žerovnik and Vito Turk

P28 Inhibition mechanism and biological role of peptide aminopeptidase inhibitors
Barbka Repiè Lampret and Meta Renko

P29 Induction of phenol oxidases in tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum, Mill) cv. Arletta
Marjan Donko and Veronika Abram

P30 Methyl jasmonate as plant polyphenol oxidase inducer
Andreja Štepec, Marjan Donko and Veronika Abram

P31 Induction of steroidal 11 alpha-hydroxylase activity in the filamentous fungus Rhizopus nigricans by plant defence compounds
Polona Žnidaršiè, Marko Vitas, Radovan Komel and Aleksander Pavko

P32 Transportants – family of cellular delivery peptides
Margus Pooga, Matjaž Zorko, Maria Lindgren, Ursel Soomets and Ulo Langel

P33 Regulation of hydroxy-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase in halophilic black yeasts
Uroš Petroviè, Nina Gunde-Cimerman and Ana Plemenitaš

P34 Searching for useful histidine affinity tags for rapid isolation of the trimeric TNF-alpha and its analogs
Vladka Gaberc-Porekar, Viktor Menart, Polona Rajk and Simona Jevševar

P35 Isolation of low molecular mass peptides in whey protein hydrolysates by RP-HPLC
A.Gramc-Livk and Marija Zelenik-Blatnik

P36 A method for fast determination of Phanerochaete chrysosporium lignin peroxidase isoenzymes
H.Podgornik, A. Podgornik, A. Perdih, M. Barut and A. Štrancar



L15 Coupling signalling to chromatin modifications: phosphorylation of CREB and histone H3 by RSK-2
Paolo Sassone-Corsi

L16 Transcriptional activation by the HIV trans-activator Tat requires two serine/threonine kinases which phosphorylate the C-terminal domain of RNApolymerase II
Tom P. Cujec and Matija B. Peterlin

L17 Activation of MAP cascade By Nef of HIV affects the transcription of pheromone response target gene FUS1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ana Plemenitaš and Matija B. Peterlin

L18 Sterol-dependent and cAMP-dependent regulation of lanosterol 14alpha-demethylase, an enzyme involved in cholesterol biosynthesis
Damjana Rozman

L19 DNA twist, flexibility and transcription of the osmoregulated proU promoter of Salmonella typhimurium
Bart J.A.M. Jordi, T.A. Owen-Hughes, C.S.J. Hulton and C.F. Higgins

L20  Regulation of expression of the colicin k activity gene cka
Irena Kuhar and Darja Žgur-Bertok

L21 Regulation of lactoprotein gene expression
Peter Dovè, Maruša Debeljak, Josep M. Folch and Juan F. Medrano

L22 Control of barley gene expression by low temperature
Monica Hughes

L23 Gene expression in plants under pathogene attack
Jean-Pierre Metraux

L24 Adaptation of colorado potato beetle to plant defence mechanism
Kristina Gruden, Maarten A. Jongsma, Blagajana Herzog-Velikonja and Borut Štrukelj

L25 Expression and stability of equistatin in transgenic potato
Boris Rogelj, Nikolay S. Outchkourov, Borut Štrukelj and Maarten A. Jongsma

L26 Evaluation of transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cv. Igor plants confering resistance to potato virus YNTN
Darja Staniè, Hugh Barker, Borut Štrukelj and Jana Žel


P37 Expression of lanosterol 14alpha-demethylase in pig testis
Marko Cotman, Gregor Majdiè, Peter Lazar and Damjana Rozman

P38 Human lanosterol 14alpha-demethylase (CYP51) promoter responds to cAMP dependent and to sterol dependent regulation
Martina Fink, Michael R.Waterman and Damjana Rozman

P39 Factors influencing conjugation of plasmid pRK100 in Escherichia coli strains
P Mrak, J Sabotiè, Marjanca Starèiè, Miklavž Grabnar and Darja Žgur-Bertok

P40 Cloning of the pkaR gene encoding the regulatory subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase of Aspergillus niger
Mojca Štaudohar, Mojca Benèina, Henk Panemann, Georg J.G Ruijter, Jaap Visser and Matic Legiša

P41 Construction of expression systems for 1,2-steroid dehydrogenase in potato plant and E. coli
Urša Peèar, Samo Kreft, Bojan Doljak, Jana Žel, Radovan Komel and Borut Štrukelj

P42 The expression of linusitin gene in flax seedlings
Sabina Anžlovar, Kristina Gruden, Boris Rogelj, Marina Dermastia and Borut Štrukelj

P43 Peroxidases in early response of potato to potato virus YNTN
Mojca Milavec, Maja Ravnikar and Maja Kovaè

P44 Peroxidases in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cv. Igor after primary infection with potato virus YNTN
Mojca Milavec, Hana Kreèiè, Maja Ravnikar and Maja Kovaè



L27 Neurohypophysial peptide hormone receptors: ligand recognition and effect or coupling
Mark Wheatley

L28 Millisecond measurements of Ca2+ and exocytosis in neuroendocrine and glial cells
Marjan Rupnik, Marko Kreft, M. Limpel Kržan, Sonja Grilc and Robert Zorec

L29 Effects of proteins from polymorphonuclear leukocytes on the envelope of Shigella flexneri
Ines Mandiè-Mulec, Irena Draškoviè, Jerrold Weiss and Arturo Zychlinsky

L30 Dynamics and imaging of plant cell intracellular calcium mediating signal transduction
Anthony Trewavas

L31 Receptors for the growing family of secreted phospholipases A2
Gerard Lambeau, E. Valentin, L. Cupillard, N. Gomez, M. Gelb, and M. Lazdunski

L32 Novel receptors for secretory phospholipases A2 discovered in porcine cerebral cortex
Igor Križaj, Alenka Èopiè, Alenka Pariš, Nataša Vuèemilo and Franc Gubenšek

L33 Membrane lateral domain structure involvement in scavenging of radicals
Milan Schara, B Brataniè, M.Žuviè-Butorac, Marjana Nemec and Urška Batista

L34 An evaluation of some model systems commonly used in the study of the interaction of the sea anemone toxin equinatoxin II with membranes
José M. M. Caaveiro, Ion Gutiérrez-Aguirre, I., Marianne Tribout, Sergio Paredes and Juan Gonzáles- Manas


P45 Interaction of euinatoxin II, from Actinia equina, with model membranes
Ion Gutierréz-Aguirre, José M.M. Caaveiro and Juan Gonzáles-Manas

P46 Conductive properties and gating of channels formed by syringopeptin 25-A, bioactive lipodepsipeptide from Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae in planar lipid membranes
Mauro Dalla Serra, Ivonne Bernhart, Paola Nordera, Domenico Di Giorgio, Alessandro Ballio and Gianfranco Menestrina

P47 Preparation and characterization of three tryptophan mutants of equinatoxin II, a pore forming protein from sea anemone
Petra Malovrh, Zdravko Podlesek, Gianfranco Menestrina, Peter Maèek and Gregor Anderluh

P48 Interaction of equinatoxin II tryptophan mutants with the lipid membrane
Ariana Barliè, Petra Malovrh, Peter Maèek and Gregor Anderluh

P49 Atomic force microscopy of equinatoxin II on supported planar membrane bilayer
Ariana Barliè, Miha Škarabot, Klemen Koèevar, Igor Muševiè, Gregor Anderluh and Peter Maèek

P50 Structural factors influencing the interaction of Staphylococcous aureus bi-component leucotoxins with lipid bilayer membranes
Manuela Coraiola, Gilles Prevost and Gianfranco Menestrina

P51 OmpR-dependent and OmpR-independent responses of E. coli to sublethal attack by the neutrophil bactericidal/permeability increasing protein
Polona Prohinar, Ines Mandiè-Mulec, S.Chen, S. Forst and Jerrold Weiss

P52 Progesterone receptors coupled with heterotrimeric Gi proteins in the plasma membranes of Rhizopus nigricans
Maja Šlajpah, Aljoša Bavec, Matjaž Zorko, Katja Breskvar and Helena Lenasi

P53 Signalling via cAMP in fungus Aspergillus niger: Involvement of cAMP-dependent protein kinase in morphogenesis
Mojca Benèina, Mojca Štaudohar and Matic Legiša

P54 Cellular proton extrusion and plasma membrane H+-ATPase activities in Aspergillus niger
Katarina Jernejc and Matic Legiša

P55 Purification of GTPgammaS binding proteins from membranes of porcine brain using cim supports
Aljoša Bavec, A. Podgornik and Matjaž Zorko

P56 Involvement of extracellular calcium in the expression of cell wall invertase from maize cell suspension culture
Marina Dermastia and Prem S. Chourey

P57 Comparison of the sterol portion and composition in halophilic yeasts grown on different NaCl concentrations
Martina Turk, L. Majenelle, J. O. Grimalt, Nina Gunde-Cimerman and Ana Plemenitaš

P58 Characterization of hemolytic activity of 3-alklypyridinium polymers from the marine sponge Reniera sarai
Petra Malovrh, Kristina Sepèiè, Tom Turk and Peter Maèek

P59 AFM imaging of surface adsorbed polymeric 3-alkylpyridinium salts
Kristina Sepèiè, Igor Muševiè, Gojmir Lahajnar, Tom Turk and Peter Maèek

P60 Saponins from roots of Primula veris L.
Maja Kovaè and Alenka Erjavec


WL1 Biochemistry for chemistry and pharmacy students at the University of Ljubljana
Franc Gubenšek

WL2 Biochemistry in the medical curriculum
Max Lewis

WL3 Teaching molecular and cellular life sciences within the confines of biological and biomedical sciences
Christopher A. Smith and Maureen M. Dawson

WL4 Maintaining a current molecular life sciences curriculum
Keith R.F. Elliott



L35 Cysteine proteinases and their inhibitors: Target proteins for prognosis, diagnosis and therapy in cancer and other diseases
Janko Kos and Tamara T. Lah

L36 Components of the plasminogen activator system as prognostic markers in cancer
Nils Brünner

L37 Prognostic value of cathepsins and their endogenous inhibitors in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN)
Primož Strojan

L38 Cathepsin B and stefins in tumors of human central nervous system (CNS) and brain tumor cell lines
Tadej Strojnik, Irena Zajc, Boris Židanik, Nataša Levièar, Janko Kos, Rastko Golouh and Tamara T. Lah

L39 Cysteine proteinases and cystatins in asthma
Nina Cimerman, Pika Meško-Brguljan, Marta Krašovec, Stanislav Šuškoviè and Janko Kos

L40 Genomic instability and cancer
Damjan Glavaè

L41 Apoptosis of tumor cell and gene therapy mediated with viruses
Yipeng Qi, Bing Qi, Gengfu Xiao, Fei su, Lingyun Li, Mallam Nock Johua

L42 Functional dissection of the insulin-like growth factor system in transgenic animal models
Eckard Wolf  M.R. Schneider, S. Nedbal, M. Y. Wu, H. Lahm and A. Hoeflich

L43 Ion channel toxins as molecular models for the design of new drugs
William R. Kem

L44 Molecular analysis of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
Peter C. Harris

L45 The molecular basis of the partial penetrance of CFTR intron-exon 9 junction polymorphisms
Francisco E. Baralle

L46 Genetic and cellular mechanism of haemopoietic dysregulation in murine motheaten phenotypes
Irena Mlinariè-Rašèan

L47 Molecular genetics analysis of oncogenes and anti-oncogenes in gastric cancer
Radovan Komel, Irena Zupaniè, Barbara Gazvoda, Maja Pevec, Uroš Raèeviè, Robert Juvan, Stojan Repše, Andreja Gojkoviè, Mojca Grošelj and Ksenija Ferlan Marolt


P61 Detection of cathepsin B/cystatin C complex in sera of cancer patients
Irena Zore, Marta Krašovec, Nina Cimerman, Robert Kuhelj, Bernd Werle, Nils Brünner, Igor Kregar and Janko Kos

P62 Cathepsin H in lung cancer
Ana Schweiger, Alexander Staib, Bernd Werle, Marta Krašovec, Werner Ebert, Tamara T. Lah, Vito Turk and Janko Kos

P63 Prognostic impact comparison of Cathepsin B, Cathepsin L, Stefin A, Stefin B, uPA and
PAI-1 in invasive ductal breast carcinoma
Nataša Levièar, Janko Kos, Nils Brünner, Andrej Blejec, Rastko Golouh, Ivan Vrhovec, Snežana Frkoviè-Grazio and Tamara T. Lah

P64  Cysteine proteinases in breast cancer cell line model for tumor malignancy
Irena Zajc, Metka Filipiè, Aleš Bervar, Nataša Levièar, Nataša Sever and Tamara T. Lah

P65 Effect of aminopeptidase inhibitors on cell proliferation
Mirjana Grujiæ and Metka Renko

P66 Stress response as molecular tool in toxicology
Špela Jenko, Stane Zalar and Alenka Plaper

P67 The nature of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU) induced single strand breaks (ssb) determined with Comet assay
Metka Filipiè, Tanja Fatur and Tamara T. Lah

P68 The influence of genetic polymorphism of drug metabolising enzymes on susceptibility for chemical carcinogenesis
Vita Dolžan and Katja Breskvar

P69 Germline and somatic mutations in genes involved in carcinogenesis of colorectal tumors showing high microsatelite instability
Uroš Potoènik, Damjan Glavaè, Rastko Golouh, Anton Cerar and Metka Ravnik-Glavaè

P70 C618R mutation in the RET proto-oncogene in a Slovenian kindred with a familial medulary thyroid carcinoma (FMTC) and Hirschprung disease
Simon Caserman, Benjamin Gorinšek, Damjan Bergant, Metka Ravnik-Glavaè and Damjan Glavaè

P71 Mutations of p53, K-ras in colorectal tumors and replication error phenotype
Benjamin Gorinšek, Simon Caserman, Uroš Potoènik, Metka Ravnik-Glavaè and Damjan Glavaè

P72 The role of CFTR gene in diseases related to cystic fibrosis
Metka Ravnik- Glavaè, Nataša Svetina, Michael Dean, Matjaž Koželj, Borut Peterlin, Branko Zorn, Igor Križan and Damjan Glavaè

P73 Molecular genetic analysis of tumor supressor genes and oncogenes in sporadic renal cell tumors
Damjan Glavaè, Andrej Mašera, Zdenka Ovèak, Uroš Potoènik, Simon Caserman and Metka Ravnik-Glavaè

P74 Animal model in the study of colorectal carcinogenesis
Damjan Glavaè, Benjamin Gorinšek, Metka Ravnik-Glavaè and Anton Cerar

P75 Construction of expression cassette and detection of human TNF-alpha from transient transfectant of B16F1 cells
Urška Èegovnik, Viktor Menart, Vesna Bojaniè and Srdjan Novakoviæ

P76 Expression of CREM gene in testis of infertile man
Lucija Strmšnik, Jasna Šinkovec, Branko Zorn, Gregor Majdiè and Damjana Rozman

P77 Detection of specific BCR-ABL mRNA transcript in chronic myeloid leukaemia patients by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
Tadej Pajiè, Mateja Poje, Radovan Komel and Peter Èernelè

P78 Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphysm and bone mineral density in Slovenian postmenopausal women
Janja Marc, Janez Preželj, Andreja Kocijanèiè and Radovan Komel

P79 New exon 4 sequence polymorphysm of the estrogen receptor gene and the bone mineral density in human
Sanja Juranda, Janja Marc, Janez Preželj, Andreja Kocijanèiè and Radovan Komel

P80 Isolation of DNA from different biological specimens used for routine forensic DNA analysis
Irena Zupaniè, Jože Balažiè and Radovan Komel

P81 Expression of tissue plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in healthy and diabetic human veins
Karin Schara, Zoran Arnež and Radovan Komel

P82 EBV-transformed  PBMCs
Vesna Bojaniè, Katrina Hartman Pretnar, Ruth Rupreht, Matjaž Urbajs, Tadeja Dovè, Vladka Èurin-Šerbec and Primož Rožman

P83 K5 and K14 mutations in six cases of epidermolysis bullosa simplex: relating the genotype to the phenotype by use of in vitro studies
Mija Lioviæ, Jure Stojan, Daniel Gibbs, Celia Moss, Sheila Clark, Andres Valquist, Božana Podrumac, Paul E. Bowden, Brigitte E. Lane and Radovan Komel

P84 HLA-DR/ DQ allelic polymorphism and expression of corresponding heterodimer molecules may contribute to development of systemic lupus erythematosus
B. Vidan-Jeras, D. Logar, Vita Dolžan, Borut Božiè and Tanja Kveder

P85 The role of dermatophyte cytosolic proteins in dermatophytosis
Marinka Drobniè-Košorok, Jernej Kužner, Petra Zrimšek and Irena Zdovc

P86 Cross reactivity of fungal antigens in ELISA for the detection of specific antibodies in cats with microsporosis
Petra Zrimšek, Irena Zdovc and Marina Drobniè-Košorok

P87 Polymorphysm of mitochondrial DNA at Bryats women with pregnancy patology
O.S. Vassilieva, V.P. Puzyrev, V.B. Salukov and E.R. Ermenko



L48  Organellar and cytosolic seryl-tRNA synthetases: structural, functional and evolutionary aspects
Ivana Weygand-Ðuraševiæ

L49  Molecular evolution of Bov-B LINE-s in vertebrates
Dušan Kordiš and Franc Gubenšek

L50 Molecular basis of the high growth (hg) mutation in mice: isolation and characterization of candidate genes
Simon Horvat, Jim McWhir, Brad A. Freking and Juan F. Medrano

L51 Concerted evolution vs. heterogeneity of rDNA internal transcribed spacers in leeches (Hirudinea)
Peter Trontelj

L52 A novel 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in the fungus Cochliobolus lunatus
Tea Lanišnik Rižner, Marija Žakelj-Mavriè, Jure Stojan and J.Adamski


P88 Molecular evolutin of the Kunitz-type multigene family in Vipera ammodytes
Vera Župunski, Dušan Kordiš and Franc Gubenšek

P89 Some characteristics and phylogenetic analysis of steroid inducible HSP70 genes from Rhizopus nigricans
Boštjan Èernila, Bronislava Èrešnar and Katja Breskvar

P90 Structure and mapping of the mouse lanosterol 14alpha-demethylase (CYP51) gene
Nataša Debeljak, Simon Horvat and Damjana Rozman

P91 Molecular genetic investigation of the components of cytochrome-P450-dependent steroid monooxygenase system in the filamentous fungus Cochliobulus lunatus
Marko Vitas, Matjaž Barboriè, Nada Nekrep, Damjana Rozman and Radovan Komel

P92 Determination of exon-intron structure of the human cAmp-responsive element modulator (crem) gene
Katja Vouk, Jennifer Skaug, Steve W. Scherer, Enzo Lalli, Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Nataša Debeljak, Radovan Komel and Damjana Rozman

P93 Analysis of D1S80 and 3’ApoB VNTR loci by PCR and automated fluorescent detection
Helena Šterlinko, Irena Zupaniè, Jože Balažiè and Radovan Komel

P94 Evolution of plasmid pRK100
Marjanca Starèiè, Wim Gaastra and Darja Žgur-Bertok

P95 Horizontal transfer of IncFI plasmids
Janez Mulec, Marjanca Starèiè, Miklavž Grabnar and Darja Žgur-Bertok

P96 Adaptive value of genome size in Dactylis glomerata?
Barbara Vilhar, Tatjana Vidic and Marina Dermastia

P97 Characteristics of binding of netropsin and distamycin to the double-helical DNA containing different binding sites
J. Lah, Nataša Poklar and Gorazd Vesnaver

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