IIIrd Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society

with International Participation


Portoroz, Slovenia

September 25-29, 1999

Extended guidelines for preparation of conference papers

Invited lecturers are encouraged to submit short papers to the journal Acta Biologica.

Manuscripts should be prepared on up to 6 typewritten A4 pages. Summary shall be reduced to up to 4 lines text. Introduction and references should be kept as concise as possible. Include a short Materials & Methods section. Results and Discussion chapters shall be combined in one.

communicated by Tom Turk

Address of the organising committee:

Doc. Dr. Tom Turk
Department of Biology
Biotechnical Faculty
University of Ljubljana
Vecna pot 111
SI-1000 Ljubljana

tel.: (+386 61) 123 33 88
fax: (+386 61) 273 390

E-mail: Tom.Turk@uni-lj.si

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