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This page is prepared in part in Slovenian and in part in English. Slovenian was chosen for parts which could be of general interest in the national context.

Cilji skupine za izobraževanje:
1. izboljšanje kvalitete poučevanja (učenja) biokemije v visokem šolstvu
2. pomoč z nasveti tistim, ki bi radi dodali biokemijske vsebine pri pouku kemije in biologije v srednjih in visokih šolah
3. pomoč z nasveti tistim, ki bi radi povečali interes za naravoslovje med otroki in mladino

Aktivnosti skupine:
1. organizacija posvetovanj in okroglih miz na temo biokemija v visokem šolstvu
2. organizacije seminarjev za učitelje biokemije
3. v letih 1999 do 2003 nas je finančno podpiral Britanski svet pri izmenjavah učiteljev biokemije iz Slovenije in Velike Britanije.

Members of the Committee:

Metka Renko - president (Faculty of Chem. and Chem. Technol., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry), Blaz Cigic (Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Food Science), Marinka Drobnic-Kosorok (Veterinary Faculty), Roger Pain (J. Stefan Institute), Anica Plemenitas (Medical Faculty, Institute of Biochemistry), Tom Turk (Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Biology), Matjaz Zorko (Medical Faculty, Institute of Biochemistry)

Links and News (feel freee to contribute more):

 BIOINFORMATICS: a new page on bioinformatics [in Slovenian] - prepared by Gregor Anderluh, Dept. of Biology.

In UK, the Higher Education Academy offers subject-specific expertise for higher education, including Biosciences. A range of teaching and learning resources is available on-line: The ImageBank contains over 1000 digital images related to various bioscience topics (at present only a few biochemistry-related images can be found there). PracticalCompendium will present suggestions for practicals and activities, including student handouts. Centre for Bioscience Bulletin is a newsletter for news and emerging issues, while BEE-j is a peer-reviewed electronic journal on biosciences education (published twice per year).

NEW Reports of the visits to Universities in UK (sponsored in-part by the British Council Slovenia)
2000 (Ana Plemenitas, Medical Faculty)
2002 (Marko Dolinar, Faculty of Chemistry and Chem. Technology): PPT file
2003 (Blaz Cigic, Biotechnical Faculty)


The journal Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (BAMBED) is now published by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Inspection copies can be requested from the publisher; the first issue is available from the BAMBED homepage as well.

Standards for the PhD degree in the molecular biosciences : Recommendations of the Committee on Education of the IUBMB
Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering and Tomorrow's Professor Listserv

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