4th Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society with International Participation  

Kranjska gora, Slovenia 

September 13-15, 2001

Abstract submission guidelines

  Submission deadline is July 5, 2001. 

Abstracts should be prepared on a single A4 format page with 3 cm margins (print area 15 x 24 cm). The preferred font size is 12 (Times Roman or similar fonts are recommended), except the title line which shall be in 14-point size. Your abstract should include:

Title of your work (bold typeface, font size 14, centered)
Authors (the presenting author underlined; centered)
Affiliation and address (in italics, centered; you can also include your phone & fax numbers or your E-mail address if you want )
The body of your abstract (block formatted; text can be subdivided into several paragraphs with blank lines in-between)
References (only a few and when really required; you can use font size 10 here)

Include single blank lines between the title and the authors, between authors and their addresses and between the body of your abstract and the references (if there are any). The body of the abstract should be preceded by two blank lines.

In the case your abstract is too long to fit into the 15 x 24 cm form, you can decrease the font size of the body of your abstract (to 11). If there is too little text, you may consider increasing line spacing, e.g. to 1.5.  We do not want to fix the rules too firmly; preparing abstracts should not be a frustrating job, after all.

For abstracts which will not be prepared according to the above guidelines, we will have to do the necessary reformatting.

Here is an old sample abstract (in RTF format; open or import it in any text editor) for illustration.

Save your abstract onto your local computer as a Word document (not later than ver. 97) or in the Rich-Text-Format (RTF file).

Then, send an E-mail to the local organising committee with your formatted abstract as attachment:

If sending attachments is a difficult task for you, you can send your abstract as a regular E-mail, but be sure that each line of your text is followed by a line break (the _Enter_ key). We will complete the formatting according to the above rules.

  If you are unsure about sending E-mails, you can send us your abstract as a PC .doc or .rtf file on a floppy disk in a well protected envelope. The address  is: Dr. Marko Dolinar, FOR 4th MEETING, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, J. Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia . Have in mind that abstracts should reach us before July 5.

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