IIIrd Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society
with International Participation


Portoroz, Slovenia
September 25-29, 1999


Scientific Comittee

 Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah, Slovenia (president); Prof. Dr. Nils Brünner, Denmark; Doc. Dr. Marina Dermastia, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Peter Dovc, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Franc Gubenšek, Slovenia; Dr. Roman Jerala, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. William R. Kem, USA; Prof. Dr. Rado Komel, Slovenia; Dr. Janko Kos, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Zeljko Kucan, Croatia; Prof. Dr. Peter Macek, Slovenia; Prof. Roger Pain, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Miroslav Radman, France; Prof. Dr. Gordon Rule, USA; Doc. Dr. Borut Strukelj, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Anthony J. Trewavas, UK; Prof. Dr. Vito Turk, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Matjaz Zorko, Slovenia

Organizing Comittee

Doc. Dr. Tom Turk (president), Dr. Gregor Anderluh, Dr. Marko Dolinar, Katarina Golobic, Dr. Bojan Sedmak (treasurer), Dr. Kristina Sepcic, Mag. Darja Stanic


1. Structure and function of proteins (V. Turk, R. Pain, R. Jerala)

2. Molecular basis of disease (R. Komel, P. Dovc, J. Kos, T. Lah)

3. Biomembranes and signal transduction (M. Dermastia, P. Macek, M. Zorko)

4. Gene expression and regulation (J. Pungercar, D. Rozman, B. Strukelj)

5. Gene structure and evolution (F. Gubensek)

A round-table discussion on Education in Biochemistry will be organized jointly with the Education Group of the UK Biochemical Society. (Chairpersons: A. Pleminitas, M. Renko)

There will also be a workshop on Slovenian terminology in biochemistry and molecular biology. This workshop will be held in the Slovenian language only. (Moderators: M. Zakelj, R. Jerala)

Invited speakers

Opening lecture: M. Radman (EMBO speaker; France)

Session 1:
J.-M. Frere (Belgium), P. Masson (France), J. Peter-Katalinic (Germany), G. Rule (USA), G. Anderluh, F. Avbelj, R. Jerala, G. Guncar, B. Lenarcic, V. Menart, N. Poklar, R. Pain, B. Turk, E. Zerovnik (Slovenia).

Session 2:
F. Baralle (Italy), N. Brünner (Denmark), P. Harris (UK), W. R. Kem (USA), E. Wolf (Germany), N. Cimerman, D. Glavac, J. Kos, I. Mlinaric-Rascan, P. Strojan, T. Strojnik, I. Zajc (Slovenia).

Session 3:
G. Lambeau (France), G. Manas (Spain), A. J. Trewavas, M. Wheatley (UK), I. Krizaj, M. Rupnik, M. Schara (Slovenia).

Session 4:
P. Sassone Corsi (France), T. Cujec (USA), M. Hughes (UK), J. P. Metraux (Switzerland), A. Comino, P. Dovc, K. Gruden, A. Plemenitas, B. Rogelj, D. Rozman, J. Zel, D. Zgur-Bertok (Slovenia).

Session 5:
I. Djurasevic-Weygand (Croatia), S. Horvat, D. Kordis, T. Lanisnik-Rizner, P. Trontelj (Slovenia).

Closing lecture: W. Baumeister (Germany)

Education in Biochemistry: M. Lewis, K. Elliot, C. Smith (UK).


Registration forms should be completed and sent to the following address by June 1st 1999.
(Forms were attached to the printed version of the 2nd announcement. They can be copied and freely exchanged. Additional forms are available from Doc. Dr. Tom Turk.)

Doc. Dr. Tom Turk
Oddelek za biologijo
Biotehniska fakulteta
Vecna pot 111
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Abstracts (one A4 page  with 3 cm margins [print area 15 x 24 cm] and font Times Roman 12) should be sent together with registration forms to the above address by June 1st 1999. Please do not bend!

Invited lectures

Invited lectures will be published as congress papers in Acta Biologica Slovenica. Please, prepare your papers according to journal instructions and give them to the organizers during the meeting.

Registration fee

by August 1st                  20.000 SIT
after August 1st               25.000 SIT
students*                         15.000 SIT
accompanying persons   10.000 SIT

* with valid proof of status (please send together with your registration form and your abstract)

Registration fee should be paid by bank transfer onto the account of the Slovenian Biochemical Society (Account Nr. 50100-620-133-1018116-2486024) with notification "3rd Meeting" ("za 3. srecanje" for transfers within Slovenia) and (IMPORTANT!) all the names of registered participants for whom the payment is being settled.

Hotel accommodation

Please fill the form and send it directly to the following address by August 15th.
(Forms were attached to the printed version of the 2nd announcement. They can be copied and freely exchanged. Additional forms are available from Doc. Dr. Tom Turk - see the address below.)

Hoteli Bernardin
Obala 2
SI-6320 Portoroz

Informative prices:

Hotel                single-bed room                 double-bed room

GH Emona            17.100                                            22.800
Bernardin*              9.500                                            13.300
Vile Park                  6.400                                              8.930

Prices are per room per day and include breakfast. They do not include tourist tax.

*The number of rooms in the Bernardin Hotel is limited.

Additional information:
Hoteli Bernardin
Tel: +386 (0) 66 475 5106 ali / or: +386 (0) 66 475 0000; Fax: +386 (0) 66 75 491

Dates to remember

June 1st             registration and abstracts
August 1st         reduced fee deadline
August 15th      hotel registration


Doc. Dr. Tom Turk
President of the Organizing Committee
Oddelek za biologijo
Biotehniska fakulteta
Vecna pot 111
SI-1000 Ljubljana

tel: +386 61 123 33 88 / int. 237
fax:+386 61 273 390
E-mail: tom.turk@uni-lj.si

Internet home page of the meeting:      http://bio.ijs.si/sbd/meeting3.htm

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